Monday, April 4, 2011

April Challenge!

For the month of April I opened up Living Challenged to my three faithful readers in helping me decide a great challenge. Many suggestions poured came in. Some of my favorites were:

Wear a banana suit for a day
-Surf in overalls
-Babysit every day for a month
-Write a handwritten letter to someone every day
-create something small every day that will lead to a large project by the end of the month

When it came time to deciding the one that seemed most appropriate and most challenging for this month was a challenge that would test me mentally & physically. I have to wake up every morning, "and I do mean EVERY day", at 5AM and follow a beneficial schedule:

5:00-5:30 - Work out.
5:30-6:15 - Breakfast & Shower.
6:15-7:15 - Reading & Meditation.

Anyone that knows me, knows I'm a night owl. But its the early bird that beats L.A. traffic.

This challenge is going to be a game changer. It will be the first challenge the really requires my entire lifestyle to shift. Going to bed at a decent hour is a NECESSITY to succeeding in this challenge. Proper nutrients, planning out my reading material, and focusing will no doubt play a huge role. I'm not certain how I'll update my triad of readers but I'll do my best to keep updating. Until then, goodnight.

March Results!

My initial goal for the March challenge was to write and post a haiku for each day of the month. The end results was to commit to a task daily, exercise my creative muscle and as a reflection of my daily life. I find that sometimes people, including myself, get caught up in the daily chores of life that we miss the beauty and tend to remember the banality.

There were some doubts going into this challenge. Would I forget to commit? Would I have anything to write about? Would I get distracted and fail to write? Was this a pointless challenge?

Challenge Result: PASSED


This challenge turned out much better/profitable than I had expected. While I found that I didn't write as much about my daily surroundings I did find that I now had a creative outlet that I had been missing to express various thoughts and feelings. Many of the haikus enabled me to vent frustrations and express those frustrations about myself, other people, certain relationships, work, among other things. It also enabled me to express my appreciation and love for friends and family. I've always loved metaphors, and being able to say things, I sometimes can't say directly. This may be a cop out, but its my tribute to them, most of the haikus were very personal, and unashamedly honest.

This challenge really enabled me to begin the blogging processes, and connect with others. One haiku was just adapted into a song, and another one might by another talented musician.

Stand out favorites for me include:
Above & Below
Weapon of Choice (recently adapted into a song!)

Thank you to everyone that gave me feedback. You're critiques and appreciation are always welcome, appreciated, and respected.

The Weapon

The wonderfully multi-talented Mark Hulme of
adapted "Weapon of Choice" one of my Haikus from the March challenge and created the beautiful and catchy "The Weapon".
Definitely want to give this a listen.

Listen or download: The Weapon

Mark has been releasing music twice a month since January with the aid of his trusty ukulele.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Right again mentor
Is this going to hurt me?
Help me and I'll try

Headed south again
At least I’m driving this time
Nothings changed but me

Was meant to be nice.
But things turned around somehow
I hope you're all right

Did you not realize?
The secrets I should have shared
Would not have helped us

Could you have cared less?
Because it seems you couldn’t
Is that what you meant?

Knowing my follies
Or thinking that you know them
You don't have me pegged.

Not going away
This city is big enough
I don't mind sharing

What we did last night
Why won’t they come and join us
Or tell us the truth.

There are so many
Yet we're found looking for more
There's something wrong here!

Going by birth name
You going to do the same?
Calm down it's a game

Growing to grow up
Was meant to only pain me
I hope you’re all right.

Please don't stop talking
Smile, I need some sunshine too
You hope I’m all right?

Why did I bother?
So much pudding but no proof
Dancing days are through.

Teach me to be me.
I want to thank my sister
How can I explain?

Lets be gentlemen
Running around playing roles.
Or you want them to?

I won't let this be.
Tired of watching us sit
As it all happens

How many friends go?
Before you think something’s wrong,
with how you choose life

And what about those
If you want to look like that
We'll treat you like that

Was it our fault then?
Pushing them to reclusion
How can we sleep tight?

I hope you're alright
Sorry it took me so long
I hope you're all right.

Not going to float
Not going to live their life
Wasted potential

They said I was right
Do you want to prove me wrong?
Victory feels good.

Did you hear him speak?
Then what's the excuse for crime
Selfish First Degree

Why do you forget?
How the opus made you feel
After curtain call.

It's not that easy
But we can find the answer
If we lose our self.

You know you are right
Do you want to prove me wrong?
Just to feel better?

When we go to sleep.
Someones right, someones wrong, but,
What's the difference?